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The Journey Podcast Show Hosted By Nyasia Chane'l and Mezzy D (Dr.Janie Lacy)

The Journey Podcast "A place for inspiring people to inspire others to achieve greatness" The Journey Podcast Hosted by R&B/Pop Soulstress Nyasia Chane'l & Mezzy D On The Journey Podcast we will have insightful and informative discussions featuring entrepreneurs, innovators, and other creatives who are on their various journeys to make a positive contribution to society. in addition, The Journey Podcast is a platform for select independent artists and musicians to showcase their talents. The brainchild of Nyasia “Chane’l” Harris created as a vehicle to communicate to her growing fans and supporters and to use uplifting commentary and discourse to inspire people to live out their dreams, and fight for their goals. This episode Nyasia Chane'l and Mezzy D sit down and talk with Dr.Janie Lacy. Dr. Janie Lacy is a Licensed Relationship Trauma Psychotherapist who has over a decade of experience working with those who have unsuccessfully tried to break free from their toxic relationship patterns. By addressing the root issue of their suffering, Janie creates breakthrough experiences from the inside out, allowing her clients to finally find peace within themselves they have so desperately longed for in life. In this episode, we discuss how to navigate through relationships in today's climate. You can find Dr. Janie Lacy at: Instagram: @janielacy Instagram: @JourneyPodcastShow Twitter: @JourneyPodShow Instagram @Nyasia_Chanel_ Instagram: @Mezzy_D

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